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Wish Society Members

The Wish Society recognizes our most generous philanthropists. Wish Society members* demonstrate their passion and commitment to our mission and are a part of every wish we grant.

Wish Society Levels of Giving

Rob and Cindy Citrone
Yvette and Arthur Eder Foundation

Stan Bershaw and Family
James and Eileen Manning Charitable Remainder Trust

Maximilian E. and Marion O. Hoffman Foundation

Steve and Lyn Black
Paul Caseli
Lawrence and Karyn Calcano
Lindsay and John Dalton
David F. DePaola Charitable Trust
Bill and Charlesanna Ecker
Everybody Wins Foundation
Filippelli Family
Katie and Robert Keith
Jay and Julie Lindsey
Steve Luttrell
Marti Family
In Memory of David N. Frost
In Memory of Gail and Joseph Raccuglia/Snyder Family
In Memory of Paul and Carolyn Iwanowski
Mifflin Family
Frank and Sandie O'Connor
Platter Family
Pollner Family
Jim and Patty Read
Joe and Melissa Signorile
Cory and Karina Solomon
Liz Ann Sonders and Bob Meier
Mark and Mary Ellen Unger
Randy and Cathy Weisenburger
Michelle Wilson
Steve and Allison Wolowitz
Jura Zibas

Bohnsack Family
Jill & Dan Ciporin
Steve and Kim Dearborn
John Donohue 
Charles and Elaine Doran
The Ernest and Joan Trefz Foundation
Emma and Todd Goergen
Goldberg Family
John and Bonnie Hamill
Handy Family
Eileen and Maurice Hanford
Rob and Kristy Harteveldt
Mark and Donna Haversat
Keith and Shari Herzig
In Memory of Howard B. Hillman, Jr.
Ping and Sarah Hsieh
Donna Jordan and Al Bisland
Jennifer Joy
Kevin St. Lawrence
Rita and Jerry Leaman
Scott and Elena Ling
Douglas Malton
Todd and Elisabeth Miranowski
Richard R.S. Northrop
Kevin and Kathleen O'Connor
Sandy and Suzanne Rand
Robert J Bauer Family Foundation
Richard and Barbara Whitcomb Foundation 
Rosa Family
Ruthanne Ruzika
David M. Spitz, DC
Sinclair Family
Elizabeth and Robert Swindell
Jan and Joan Unger
George and Mami Varghese
John and Amy Weinberg

Christopher and Kathy Berman
Mike and Eryn Bingle
Beverly Birenbaum
Matt and Madeline Blake
Blieberg Family
Bruce and Sharon Bottomley
Steve and Barbara Buffone
Vin and Tina Capece
Michael and Sandra Caruso
Paul Choate
deGraaf Family
Robert and Harriet DeJersey
Dell Orfano Family
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Dillabough
Dianne and Brian DiStassio
David and Leah Doran
Tom and Nicole Dolan
Rick and Bonnie Dudley
Bradford Evans
Muffy and Andy Fox
Paul and Lauren Ghaffari
Peter and Kimberly Gordon
Griffin Family
Laurie Hambley
Dr. and Mrs. Ervin Hanson
Norman and Kathy Harbinson
Doug and Marsha Hecker
Steve and Maria Heggelke
Beverly and Brodie Johnson
Gary Katcher
Shanel and Robert Kay
Dr. Susan and Mr. Walter Kosman
Steve and Clare Kurlander 
Dylan and Sally Ann Lee
Ryan and Bethany Lapierre
Nina and Fabio Lindia
James and Elizabeth Lindstrom
James and Carolyn Lockhart
Jeff and Ros Looby 
Arthur & Gladys Lunin Foundation
Gene Manheim
Tony and Sally Mann
Sandra Matson
B.J. Mazotas
Kim Meier
Anne Marie and Doug Mellert
Howard and Ginger Morgan
Kevin Murphy
Stephen & Maria Musante
Richard and Paula Musgrave
Ron and Patricia Napoli
Nochera Family Foundation
Craig and Siri Polley
Todd and Kim Polley
Dhruv and Resham Prasad
David and Megan Preneta
Alok Reejhsinghanis
John and Lauren Roth
Felix and Melissa Rovelli
John E. Scanlon Jr. J.D. 
Chad Schaedler and Lori Stetz
Carole Stofko
Guy and Cathy Sutton
Michael and Grace Wales
Michael Yao 

Isaac Ash
Jodi Applegate and Michael Kay
Jim and Kathy Adams
Maria and Andrew Arnold
Richard and Nancy Axilrod
Banks Family
Bisbee Family
Borajkiewicz Family
Chris and Nancy Barone
James and Michelle Barone
Al and Marie Barranco
Andy and Alyssa Barr
Jonathan and Kelly Belek
Tom Boehning
Ginger and Joe Boldt
Joby and Cathy Breck
John Brody
Pete and Nancy Buck
Douglas and Karen Bussa
Jan and Robert Caligan
Patrick and Valerie Carlin
Lyman Carter
Jen and Mike Caplet
Lynn & Tony Chimblo
Sally Clemence
Kathleen and Tom Connor
Gretchen and Athan Crist
Barry and Kathy Cronin
Cunn Family
Don Cusson
Henri and Christine Czarny
Andrew and Jennifer Dance
James and Diane Darr
Patricia Davies
Beth Davis
DeRidder Family
Matt and Terri DeSalvo
Dudley Diebold
Michael and Michelle Diliberto   
Perry J. Dodson
Michael Dunn
Brian and Gina Dunn
James and Mary Early
Brian Eberle
Jeffrey Elliott
Edward and Jeanne Epstein Foundation
Jim Fatsi
Paul and Kathleen Featherston
William and Teresa Feher
Chris and Diane Feeley
Jeffrey P. Filippelli
Richard and Jill Fitzburgh
Brian and Alana Flinn
Raymond and Cheryl Floyd
Peter Francini
Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation
Earl and Paulette Freiman
Robert Garthwait Family
Denny and Dana Gates
Tony and Danielle Goncalves
Raphael and Victoria Gonzalez
Paul and Sheri Gordon
Joe and Nicole Grillo
William  and Rhea Grous
Cindy Handy
Janienne and Pat Hackett
Keith and Lauren Hagerty
Christi and James Hanson
Jane and Steve Haritos
Nick and Nicole Hartman
Donald and Ginny Hartzog
Robin and Susan Hayes
Robert and Darlene Hermann
Lisa Hemsen
Michael and Dawn Horton
Henry and Barbara Huth
Iwata Family Foundation
Bruce Janssen
Mike and Cecilie Jedlicka
Rodney Jones
Lee Jurgen
Stephen Kessler
Pam and Mark Keough
Klein Family Foundation 
Knapp Fund
William and Joyce Konstantin
Bill and Diane Korn
Helen Krieble
Paul Lamonica
Jon Lamoureux
Larry and Sally Lawrence
Susan Lehman
Tim and Debra Lenihan 
Howard Levinson
Jon  and Polly Litner
Michael and Michele Litt
Bob and Donna Lorenz
David S. MacAllaster
Gerardo Mato
Debora McCauley
Sean and Tracy McManus
Nicholas and Gita Mensah
Jenny Mezzapelle
Mitchell D.  Phaiah Foundation Inc.
Robert and Susan Mulhearn
Jim and Ann Marie Nasuta
Navara Family
Brian and Carla Nurse
Ellen Nielsen
Nathan Owen
Vincent and Sophie Paolicelli
John Papa
Robert Patrignelli
Seth and Justine Pearson
Petit Family Foundation Inc
Barney and Sharon Phillips
Charles Pobin
David Preschlack
Linda and Robert Profusek
Goran and Melinda Puljic
Sheryl Ramsay
Larry and Tara Restieri
Rita & Leo Greenland Family Foundation
Rita B. & Walter M. Murphy Foundation
Rivard Family
Roberta and Gary Fisher Charitable Fund
Heraclio and Stephie Rojas
Bennett and Allison Rosenthal
Alex Russo
Jodie and Scott Sadowsky 
Gail Sankarsingh
Robert and Jeanne Savitt
Ivan and Phyllis Seidenberg
David and Diane Sell 
Steven Serra
Diana G. Serrell
David Setchim
Jeff and Janet Siegel
Bruce and Rita Silverman
William and Lynn Silverman
David C. Shafer
Sherlock Charitable Foundation
Christopher and Kerry Socha
Sontheimer Foundation
Andrew and Christy Sousa
Ellen and Rick Spear
Tom Speight
Jane Staunton
Taryn Stejskal
Marty and Teri St. George
Kevin and Kim Stolworthy
George and Ginny Szondy
Richard and Eileen Tang
Scott and Susan Telesz
Alice Thorpe
Gail Tomberg
Daniel and Tresa Toscano
Franklin Tuchols
Tucker Family
Dane and Smady Unger
Nicholas and Tracy Utton
Thomas and Susan Van Riper
Nancy and Frank Vener
Alex  and Cristina Ventosa
Daniel Viens
Michael and Heather Vigeant
John Waldron
Carl and Jill Walker
Joe and Hilary Watson
Michael and Pam Webb
Suzanne Weiss
Konstantine Wells
Sean White
Elaine Whitman
Dr. Melissa Kerr and Steve Wiggins
Stephen Wiggins
Winkler/Yerkovich Family
Daniel and Shari Wright
David and Margaret Yawman
Jonathan and Alicia Young
In Honor of Tyler and Karen Zachem

*Every effort has been made to acknowledge the generosity of our donors accurately.  Should you discover an error or omission, please contact Maria Arnold at 203-880-6976 or

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