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I wish to go to Walt Disney World®!


“ "From the bottom of our hearts, thank you." ”

Campbell is one of the happiest kids you could ever meet.  He’s always laughing, always smiling, and when he’s excited about something, boy does he let you know! But Campbell is also one of the bravest kids you could ever meet, too. For just three years old, he has been through more difficult times than some people experience in their entire lives. Campbell has battled a life-threatening medical condition that has forced him and his family to endure constant hospital visits, doctors’ appointments, medical treatments, and much more. But Campbell and his family have never once given up. They have shown each other love and support through it all, overpowering the hard times with happy, warm memories.

Campbell has always loved everything Disney. He is literally one of Mickey Mouse’s biggest fans! From watching “Mickey’s Club House” to playing with his Mickey bubbles or even his Mickey balloons, it’s no secret that Campbell’s biggest wish in the entire world was to meet the man (or mouse) himself!

Campbell’s wish was to go to Walt Disney World, where he and his family experienced a week that was nothing short of magical. They stayed at Give Kids The World Village, a village designed for wish kids just like Campbell, where characters come for special meet and greets, and there is even around-the-clock ice cream! But the best moment of all was, of course, when Campbell got to meet his best friend, Mickey Mouse. No words could describe the moment Campbell and Mickey embraced – it was perfect.

Campbell’s wish to go to Walt Disney World was more than a vacation with his family. It was a chance to be together, away from the stresses and struggles of treatments and hospital visits. It was a chance for them to be a family. And for Campbell…everything was absolutely perfect!

Wish granted!

  • I wish to go to Walt Disney World!

  • Campbell runs to another character

  • Campbell sees Mickey Mouse for the first time

  • Campbell and Mickey Mouse

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