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The Excursion

Wish Kid Lauren's wish was for her children's book to be published, and to become an author. In January 2016, that wish came true!

The Excursion

When Lauren wished for her own children's book The Excursion to be published, Make-A-Wish turned to Homebound Publications, who not only made Lauren's wish come true, but they turned a 1-year project around in less than 3 months, and donated all their services.
Homebound Publications

Lauren's book is available for sale on Amazon, on Barnes & Noble, and other locations. Lauren's dream and plan is for proceeds from her book to be donated back to Make-A-Wish.



Book Description
Has your child ever asked you, "What does that word mean?"

Vocabulary has an understated impact. Precise language and eloquence can make all the difference in the way a person speaks or writes. Children start building their vocabulary from the minute they learn to talk and science shows kids have an innate aptitude for picking up new words.

In this picture book, readers join four siblings on a delightful trip to the beach. Throughout the story, the older sisters introduce some of the most frequent SAT words in a child friendly context to their much younger brother. Eight words in eight minutes.

A Letter From The Author

WISH [wish] (n.)A desire or hope for something to happen that is not easily attainable.
When I was diagnosed with cancer many things changed. I had to shave my head, wear a wig, go to the hospital, and define lots of big words for my 3-year-old brother. My family's vocabulary expanded to include unfamiliar, new words such as cancer and chemotherapy. My brother was confused. What did all these big words mean? As I explained them to him, he absorbed their meaning, learning their definitions with remarkable curiosity and ease.As I spent more time at home, bedridden with my brother by my side, I taught him new vocabulary and watched him pick up and try out new words. It inspired me to write this book and it was all made possible by Make-A-Wish®!

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