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"Best Wishes"

Here are just a few of the many wonderful "Thank Yous" we receive from families across the year...

Special Thanks to Chris Love, Producer & Director for Thank You Wish Granters November 2013.


Dear Make-A-Wish:

Words cannot express how much Nicole and all our family enjoyed Nicole’s wish trip and houw “healing” it was for our family. After 11 months that at times felt terrible, it was so rejuvenating to enjoy a slice of heaven. As Nicole lurched from crisis to crisis, her dream of going to Hawaii kept her motivated and determined. When she cried at the frustration of chemotherapy, she would comfort herself thinking about learning to surf in crystal blue waters.

And Hawaii did not disappoint! More than that, Make-A-Wish exceeded anything that we could imagine in our wildest dreams. Everything, and I mean everything had us in shock and smiling from ear to ear. From the limo, to the accommodations, to the excursions – to the incredibly generous charge card.
Our family weathered a lot this past year and Nicole has battled valiantly against cancer, as well as septic shock and strokes, paralysis and sight impairment. My hope has always been that as time passes, the pain of her medical crisis will fade and in its place will be the halo of all the kindness that has been bestowed upon her family.

The power of Make-A-Wish to keep children positive, to keep them focused on the future when sometimes the here and now is too much to bear, is indescribable. I think it takes a picture of a girl riding a surfboard with the biggest smile, when 8 months earlier she could not even sit up, to understand what it means to make a wish come true.

Wish Deepest Gratitude,
Nicole’s Mom


It has been over two months since Claire’s wish trip to “see the princess” and while this thank-you letter is long overdue, the happy memories of the trip continue to live on in our hearts. Rarely does a day go by without one of us talking about some wonderfully funny moment of the trip.

After two long years of cancer treatment, the trip was a welcomed respite  from worry and anxiety, and, more importantly, a special time for Claire to simply be a giddy three-year-old. Make-A-Wish Foundation was attentive to every detail, which allowed us to cherish our time together. From Claire’s exclamation, “Wow, that’s the biggest car of my whole life!” when the limo arrived to whisk us away on our truly magical adventure to her encounters with Belle, Tinkerbelle, Periwinkle, Jasmine and other fantasy friends, we blissfully lived every moment of this remarkable experience.

The world is a better place because of Make-A-Wish and we cannot thank you enough for the daily efforts of your special organization. In short, thank you from our family. Claire’s battle is not yet over, but she is well on her way, and the trip to Disney certainly gave her something to smile about.

Claire’s family


To All Of You At Make-A-Wish,

Thank you so much for making our wish come true. Every single person that we met through Make-A-Wish and Give Kids The World Village in Florida treated us like we were royalty. When we found out that Amir’s blood chord transplant didn’t engraft earlier this year, we were truly devastated. We had gone through chemo, radiation, and several painful procedures only to find out that we were going to have to go through the entire process again.

Amir was only three and had been through so much. We hate to admit it, but at that time we were hopeless. We thought that all our fighting was for nothing and we did not want to put Amir through that again. During the transplant, Amir missed Halloween, his birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas as he had to be in isolation the entire time. He was tired. We were tired. We couldn’t imagine having to go through this again and wondered when it would ever come to an end. When we got to Give Kids The World Village in Florida, we got to experience ALL of the times we missed over the past year. One night was Halloween, the next Christmas, with Thanksgiving dinner and birthday ice cream every night in between.

This vacation has done much more for us than you can ever possibly imagine. It not only gave us precious time together, but it reenergized us to keep fighting this fight against this awful disease. We know that the fight is worth it. No matter how many procedures Amir has to go through in the future, it is worth it. This vacation has allowed us to remember that Amir’s life, and our family’s lives, are much more than disease, hospital visits, countless medications, and doctors. We are all full of spirit, love, and life and that is all that matters at the end of the day. It can be easy to forget the simple things in life like laughing, joking, and shared time together when we were forced to focus so much on keeping one of our family healthy. We get consumed with doctor’s visits, infections, temperature taking, and following medication schedules. It is silly to think that the small things get lost in this, but it happens slowly over time if we don’t take time out to remember what is important.

This vacation has made us remember what is important and given us strength to keep fighting. We are so happy to report that after we left our trip to Florida at the beginning of November, Amir went to the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland for a complete medical workup. The test results came back to show us that Amir is healthier now than he has been in years. Compared to a child without his condition, Amir’s blood is just as healthy. Although we aren’t out of the weeds yet and Amir does still need a bone marrow transplant to be cured, we are confident that Amir can go to pre-school without fear that he will get an infection and end up hospitalized. To give you a sense of how big of a transformation this is, a few months ago his medical team didn’t even think that he would be able to go to school and we were looking at home schooling for the start of elementary school. We want to thank all of you at Make-A-Wish for helping make this happen. We feel that this vacation has really impacted Amir’s health, and our entire family’s health, by making us feel happy and whole again.

Amir has come so far. He turned four in November and looking at him today you would never think that he was sick. We want to thank Make-A-Wish from the bottom of our hearts for all that you did for our family and for all that you do for every child and family that you serve. You are all amazing and are truly angels on this Earth. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will never forget your kindness, your selflessness, and your spirit.

With Deepest Gratitude,
Amir’s Family


Thank you for a trip of a lifetime…

I would like to thank you and everyone who helped make this year’s Make-A-Wish Superbowl trip the most wonderful time in my life. It was far better than I ever dreamed it would be. I have never met a nicer group of people than those from MAW. I was happy to help you with the new people whenever possible. You sure put a lot of time into this event. Would you please forward this to everyone who helped make this a trip of a lifetime. They worked so hard to make my wish come true that I can’t say enough good things about them. Thank you everyone for a memory I will never forget. If I can help you or MAW in the future please contact me, it would be my pleasure. A million thanks to you all. 



I wanted to send you some pictures from Jude’s trip–it was fantastic!  We all had a really great time, it was better than we could have imagined.
Jude got to go on lots of the rides, he met a number of the characters he likes, he rode a horse, played in the pool, and so many other amazing things that were very special for him.  The Give Kids the World Village is incredible, and everybody there made us feel so welcomed and cared about.
Thank you both so much for making this happen for us, we will never forget it!

Jude’s Mom


That was a really fun night! Tom had a lot of fun especially with his friends who hasn’t really seen outside of the hospital a few times but then he really didn’t feel well. We opened up the computer that night it was awesome. Last night we set it up man it was quiet, of course Tom explained they use bigger fans and more of them so They don’t spin as fast or work as hard.  You guys did a fantastic job you set the bar pretty high for future wish granters. 

Thomas’ Dad


Our accommodations were so wonderful.  Thank you for all the planning that must have gone into this trip. We always felt safe and taken care of in every way.  I could go on and on and on……  I am in the process of putting together a book on shutterfly with our pictures and narrative of what we saw and experienced.  I plan on sending “Make a Wish” a copy as a thank you.  It’s a big project so just give me a little time to get it together.  : ) This is a picture of Emily at the Orphanage where we stopped our first day in Nairobi. Thank you for working it our for both she and Lauren to adopt baby elephants.  They are doing an amazing job taking care of these elephants who have been orphaned in the wild.  


Dear Make-A-Wish,

Where can I begin to thank you for the gift of love, hope, and life offered to me and my family? My family is still in a trance regarding the travels; it looked like something out of this world. It was indeed a week that changed the life of my family forever regarding humanity.

Thank you a million times for what you do, thank you to all your staff, and thank you to all your volunteers. I cannot thank you guys enough.

To brief you a little bit, starting with the courtesy we received from the limousine drivers, to the reception at the Florida Airport, which was exceptional, to the people, great people indeed that honored us at “Give Kids the World.” They all worked heartily to give my family heaven on earth.

I want to tell you that my daughter has come back alive and stronger, and I owe it to that trip because Nnenna was so overjoyed. In her own words, “Make-A-Wish is from heaven!”

I hope I, as well as her, will become of means to volunteer and assist to make your goals reach everyone. For making a terrible tragedy, a mishap upon my daughter, turn into a blessing, I say may Make-A-Wish live eternally.

Suddenly, all our family friends and Nnenna’s peers are now jealous of her, and wish they were Nnenna. She is proud and is now doing even better in school than before.

Thank you, and on behalf of my family and especially Nnenna, we say thank you to all, and especially Karin who stood by love to deliver us a gracious package beyond our imagination. I hope we meet again.

Nneena & Family


Hope you are all doing well.  We just wanted to say thank you…thank you… for everything that you have done for Summer and our family.  We had an absolutely incredible time on Summer’s Make-A-Wish. Discovery Cove was just amazing and the swim with the dolphins was fantastic.  We all got to swim the dolphins, feed the dolphins and give them signals to do tricks too.  Summer’s favorite part was kissing the dolphin!  Dolphins are amazing animals and Discovery Cove has many more amazing animals too.  There was a coral reef where you could snorkel and see all kinds of tropical fish, there was a sting ray lagoon where you could swim with the sting rays and there was a fabulous bird aviary where we could feed all kinds of tropical birds and a beautiful peacock….and my favorite part…the 85 degree lazy river pool.  I could have stayed floating on the lazy river for days!  It was an excitement filled yet very relaxing day at Discovery cove as there were no crowds and we just enjoyed the day at our own pace.  It was just wonderful!     We also thoroughly enjoyed Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, Aquatica and Seaworld. The golden ticket that Summer received at Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios was essentially a fast pass for every ride!  And that pass was awesome since the lines were very long being a school vacation week.  We felt very priveledged that we did not have to wait to get on the rides and we were able to see everything the kids wanted to in the parks!  The children loved the Roa Rapids in Aquatica too.  In fact, Summer and Skylar giggled and laughed the whole way around the Roa Rapids loop the first time.  And Chase would pretend to be taken away by the rapids and the girls would try to catch up and save him, laughing all the way!  It was heartwarming to hear such laughter and see such smiles on their faces!  And SeaWorld’s shows like Believe, the Sea Lion and Otter Pirate Show and the Whale and Dolphin Show are second to none.  The animals, the stunts, the music and choreography hits you in the heart and it’s moving.  You really say “Wow”.  During the Whale and Dolphin show Skylar whispered to me “Mom, this is awesome”!  The weather was awesome too - sunny and in the 80s every day.  And the Rosen Centre Hotel where we stayed was gorgeous.  We had such a great time!  Thank you for bringing us so many “positives” after a long year of treatments.  You’ve made us feel incredibly special, uplifted our spirits and gave us memories for a lifetime.  Thank you so much!      

Love always,
Sue, Scott, Chase, Summer  & Skylar


Just when there seemed to be no light to break up the dark in Brooke’s world……..a SHINING star appeared in the form of  MAKE A WISH! Two bubbly, enthusiastic volunteers materialized at our front door and told Brooke to dream up her perfect wish. Just the very IDEA of being able to dream about a wish lifted Brooke’s spirits enormously. Chemotherapy and it’s debilitating effects wrecked havoc on her. After MUCH deliberation, Brooke envisioned a dream vacation in Jamaica………sun, sandy beaches, snorkeling…… all would help heal her body and soul. Her dream also included having her sister, Paige, by her side as she had been to every doctor’s appointment, blood test, CT scan, PET scan, surgery, chemotherapy etc and Brooke wanted her by her side while mending. VIOLA……….MAKE A WISH granted it ALL!   
Our spectacular adventure began with a disco lit limousine shepherding us to the airport at four am in TRUE style and a warm welcome at the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We were told there that our accommodations had been upgraded to the Iberostar Suites…….wow…….SUITES! Everything was available to us………ALL of the food and drink that we could possibly consume( and we DID consume), magnificent pools, a glorious beach, catamarans, snorkeling, kayaking and parasailing. We did it ALL! Our zip line adventure was a highlight! Climbing up a mountain side and then zipping over a river and tree canopy…..thrilling! Six days in paradise ended with a limousine ride back to reality but this time around Brooke (and family) are rejuvenated and the healing process has officially begun!    Thanks to all of you at MAKE A WISH for a trip of a lifetime…..a DREAM come true. Our family will be forever grateful for your kindness and generosity.

Brooke & Family   


We had the most AMAZING time in Africa!  I have been working on editing our pictures (of which we have thousands) so I could send you the best ones of Emily and the many experiences we had.  Her dreams came true in every way.  In fact, she wrote those very words in the guest books at the camps we stayed at in Amboselli and Ol Pejeta.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  Over and over again we told people that we were on our trip because of “Make a Wish.”  We are so very grateful for everything you guys did for our family.  Words cannot express our gratitude.  We just kept pinching ourselves to make sure it was real that we were on “safari” in Africa up close to so many wild animals!  It was definitely an experience of a lifetime in every way.  All the people we met along the way were amazing – the tour guides, the Massai warriors, our drivers, the camp staff – everyone!  We were also in Kenya at the PERFECT time of the year!  The weather was gorgeous and annual migration from Tanzania to the Masa Mara was happening.  We felt like were seeing “Lion King” in the flesh!  Emily was so happy – she sang her way through the safari’s.  Both Emily and Lauren asked so many questions!!  Every question was met with graciousness and wise answers. We saw elephants closer than I could ever imagine seeing them in the wild.  A large herd crossed the road right next to our car!  On the last day we actually saw a Mother Cheetah who had just killed an impala for her 3 cubs.  They were all eating it under a tree while jackals were trying to steal it.  We were probably 25 yards from the whole thing!

Emily & Family

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