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I wish to be a fashion designer!


“ “I would’ve been happy with just the goody bag!” ”

- Kendra

Kendra absolutely adores fashion. She’s always up on the latest trends, and has been creating her own designs for years. It came as no surprise that Kendra’s wish was to spend a day working with one of her favorite designers – but she had no idea just what was in store when she was flown to Hollywood to meet the founders of Juicy Couture!

From the moment Kendra and her family arrived at Juicy, she was treated like a star. She ran up the stairs to find a V.I.P. welcome in the lobby: mylar balloons spelling out her name and an office stocked with her favorite foods, like Reese’s peanut butter cups. The Juicy Couture founders, Gela and Pam, greeted Kendra and gave her a huge goody bag full of fantastic gifts and Juicy gear.

They led Kendra on an exclusive tour of their executive office and the entire facility. Juicy’s celebrity stylist, Janey, escorted Kendra to the clothing warehouse and asked her to pick out a special outfit for her favorite celebrity, Miley Cyrus. (The next week, Miley was photographed sporting the outfit Kendra had picked out for her). Next, the staff told Kendra about her very important job for the afternoon – she would be designing a track suit for the Juicy line! Kendra was “a pro” at designing the outfit, and when she finished, they asked her to pick a color from the swatch card to be called “Kendra” for their Spring 2009 collection.

The day ended with hugs from everyone. In the limo ride back to the hotel, Kendra said she couldn’t believe what an out-of-his world day she had. She joked, “I would’ve been happy with just the goody bag!”

  • Kendra posing at Juicy

  • Kendra modeling some new fashion

  • Kendra and her family in Hollywood

  • Kendra arrives to a surprise welcoming party

  • Kendra arrives to a surprise welcoming party (2)

  • Kendra in front of the "Choose Juicy" wall

  • Kendra poses for the camera

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