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I wish to go to Walt Disney World®!


“ It was a nice break from everything. ”

- Ariana's Mom

Ariana is a fun-loving six-year old girl who loves princesses...just like most six-year-old girls.  But Ariana is a little different from other kids her age.  She battles a life-threatening medical condition that sometimes makes it difficult for her to enjoy simply be a kid, taking playtime with friends and replacing it with doctors and medical treatments.

When Make-A-Wish asked Ariana what her one true wish would be, she thought about all of the things she loved.  And since Mickey is one of her favorite characters, she chose to travel to Walt Disney World and meet him in person!

Ariana was able to travel to Disney along with her family.  They were able to meet all of the Disney characters Ariana hoped to meet. Ariana also loved the princess themed pool party that the hotel put on at night, where she got to meet the many Disney princesses. They even gave Ariana her own tiara!  She also loved being able to see Universal Studios, and her brother was so excited that he got to eat ice cream whenever he wanted!

“It was a nice break from everything,” said Ariana’s mom.  The family was able to relax without the stress of their daily lives and they were treated like royalty as they travelled through the parks.  The staff was so helpful and friendly and did not let them wait in any lines. What a great way to experience Disney! 

Ariana’s wish trip was an important opportunity for the family to be able to reconnect and spend quality time together, away from hospitals and away from stress and worry. It was the perfect beginning of a new chapter in Ariana’s life.

It was a nice break from everything. ”

— Ariana's Mom

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