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I wish to go to Walt Disney World®


“ We spent days in a beautiful world of acceptance. ”

- David's Mom

Read about David's wish to meet his favorite characters in Walt Disney World®.

David is a six-year old boy from Connecticut. David’s life is not the same as many other six-year-old kids, though. He is battling a life-threatening medical condition that has left him non-ambulatory and non-communicative, and has forced him to spend much time in doctors’ offices and dealing with medical treatments. But David’s spirit remains strong and upbeat, and he and his two parents take each day on as a team, with a loving and positive attitude.

David has a love of all things Disney. Specifically, David’s all-time favorite movie is Snow White. He could watch it a million times and it would never be enough! So it was no surprise that David’s one true wish would be to travel to Walt Disney World, meet some of his favorite characters (including Snow White of course), and experience the magic firsthand!

David’s adventure began when he was whisked away to the airport in a stretch limousine. It didn’t take long for David to figure out how big of a deal this was – and he and his family enjoyed every minute of their “ride in style.” And the excitement didn’t stop there.

For an entire week, David and his family were treated like royalty. From presents left at their Villa every day at Give Kids The World to the experiences at Sea World and the Disney parks, David was overwhelmed, to say the least. But one particular experience stuck out to his mother that, in her opinion, summed up the magic that came to life on their trip:

“I think it started with meeting Mickey, but out half-hour private meeting with Snow White and Happy definitely sent me over the edge. The princess only had eyes for David. She knelt down on the floor, hugged him, told him stories about life with the dwarves; it was unbelievable. The kindness and generosity just seemed to flow from there, and we spend the next several days in a beautiful world of acceptance where everyone saw the beauty and magic of our precious David.” 

For David and for his entire family, the experience of travelling to Walt Disney World, meeting David’s heroes, and being surrounded by people who were will filled with love and support was a dream come true.

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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