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I wish to go to Atlantis!


“ Thank you all for making our wish come true! ”

- Olivia's Mom

Oliva is ten years old and loves everything about the water, specifically the beach.

In fact, her favorite thing to do in the summer is spend time with her family at the beach! She also has a deep love of animals. Two of her favorite animals are stingrays and dolphins – she is fascinated by these underwater creatures and loves to learn everything she can about them.

Olivia is also one of the most courageous kids you could ever meet.  For ten years old, she has been through more difficult times than some people experience in their entire lives. Olivia has been battling a life-threatening medical condition that has forced her and her family to go through constant hospital visits, doctor appointments, medical treatments, and much more.  Enduring these obstacles never brought their spirits down. They have shown each other love and support through it all.

When Olivia was asked what her one true wish would be, it did not take her long to figure it out. For Olivia, the chance to be in the water, relaxing in pools with her family, and away from the stress and worry of hospitals and doctors, would be a dream come true. Olivia’s one true wish was to travel to Atlantis and swim with the dolphins!

Olivia’s trip was nothing short of magical. From countless pools to delicious food, and culminating with an exciting dolphin encounter, Olivia’s journey to Atlantis with her family was exactly what they needed. 
“As you can see she loved being with the dolphin. We had a wonderful time. What an amazing trip. The dolphin encounter was perfect!! As was everything else. Thank you all so much for putting together a trip of a lifetime for Olivia and our family. Olivia had a blast!!” said Olivia’s mom, Christie.

Wish Granted!


Thank you all so much for putting together a trip of a lifetime for Olivia and our family. ”

— Olivia's Mom

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