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Naugatuck Wish Kid’s Eye-Opening Adventure in Belize

“ Belize and everything that’s come from my wish was nothing but positive. ”

- Veronica

  • Veronica , 18

    • gastrointestinal disorder
    • I wish to visit Belize
  • I wish to go

Veronica Moscariello was 14 years-old when she was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal disorder. She undergoes day-long treatments every eight weeks accompanied by doctor’s trips in between, forcing her to schedule her life around her illness.

Veronica received a much-deserved break from the stress of her illness when Make-A-Wish Connecticut gave her the opportunity to have anything, go anywhere, meet anyone, or be anything. When choosing her wish, Veronica couldn’t decide between a relaxing getaway or an adventurous escape – so she chose Belize for the opportunity to experience both. From exploring the caves and wildlife of Belize to relaxing on the country’s beautiful coast, Veronica’s wish captured a wide range of her interests. “I’ve never left the country, so Belize was unlike anything I had ever seen before,” she commented, “Everything there was so amazing to me – the white sand, blue water, and tall palm trees were breathtaking.”

Having a gastrointestinal disorder makes it difficult for Veronica to enjoy many of the foods she used to – but this wasn’t the case during her wish trip. “The food in Belize was all so fresh and organic,” she indicates, “Unlike the food at home, it almost never hurt my stomach. It was eye-opening for me and I was so relieved to feel comfortable after eating.” Because of her wish, Veronica is excited to look into purchasing more natural, organic foods at home to hopefully continue to reduce her symptoms.

Along with the seemingly unreal memories and helpful lessons, Veronica’s wish left her with a boost of confidence. “I’ve had a lot of negatives in my life, but Belize and everything that’s come from my wish was nothing but positive,” Veronica expressed. When her next treatment comes around in a few weeks, she can’t wait to tell her nurses all about what Make-A-Wish Connecticut has done for her and how she’s eager to return to the stunning Central American country.

Between June and August, Make-A-Wish Connecticut will grant more than 90 wishes to Connecticut children, like Veronica, with critical illnesses—most will include travel. To help make their wishes come true, consider donating at

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