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I wish to have a Pirateship Playset!

5-year-old Baylen is always the life of the party. Anyone who knows Baylen will tell you that he’s a barrel of laughs – and a barrel of energy! And everyone who knows him will also tell you that he’s a wonderful kid with a wonderful family.

But what many people don’t know about Baylen is that he has battled a life-threatening medical condition for his entire life. From doctors to hospitals and from medical treatments to surgery, Baylen has had to endure what most 5-year-olds could not imagine. But his energy and his love of life mask his condition, not letting it get the best of him.

When Baylen was asked what his one true wish would be, he thought long and hard about the question. He knew he wanted something that would last a lifetime. Baylen also has a deep love of pirates and adventure (which matches his high energy and spirit perfectly), so Baylen wished for his very own Pirateship Playground in his backyard!

Baylen’s wish came true when he came home from school one afternoon, looked out his back window, and saw a team of people working on the final pieces of his enormous new playset. Baylen couldn’t contain his excitement, especially when over 50 kids from Baylen’s school and neighborhood showed up as a surprise to celebrate the christening of his new ship!

When everything was finally ready, Captain Baylen was obviously the first to climb up to the top, and then announced for all his friends to “come aboard!” The celebration included great food and treats contributed by the local community, and the result was a day that Baylen will remember forever. Baylen’s pirateship will be there to play on for years and years to come, and it will be a daily positive reminder to him and his entire family that wishes can, and do, come true.
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