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I wish to meet and bake a cake with the Cake Boss!


“ "Everything was perfect. The whole day was a dream come true for her, and she'll never forget it." ”

- Giana's Mom

For as long as Giana can remember, she has always loved spending time in the kitchen, baking up different recipes and desserts. Her favorite memories are around the holidays with family and friends, baking up a storm with mom and enjoying all the delicious Italian sweets she’d come to love. When Giana was diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition, her world could have been turned upside down. She could have crawled into a hole, she could have lost all hope. But Giana didn’t do either of those things - she kept her head held high and a smile on her face, even through the toughest of times. Giana’s family stood by her side every step of the way, too…something Giana will always  appreciate and never forget.

One of the ways Giana kept positive was by surrounding herself with the things she loved. One of her favorite television shows is Cake Boss with Buddy Valastro of Hoboken, NJ. Giana would tune in to every episode, watching Buddy stir up some of his famous (and crazy!) cakes for all occasions. It gave Giana a chance to let her mind wanter away from the tough times she was going through and focus on something she truly loved - baking.

When Giana was asked what her one true wish would be, she decided to take the opportunity and fulfill her dream to bake a cake with none other than Buddy himself! Giana’s wish began in style with a limo ride down to Hoboken NJ, where she met up with other wish kids who shared her dream…and that’s when the fun truly began. Giana spent the entire day in Buddy’s bakery, working on her very own cake and receiving help not only from Buddy but also from all his assistants and even his family members! To to top the day off, she was treated to a trip to Buddy’s bake shop, filled with more pastries and dessert delicacies than anyone could imagine.

Giana and her family also spent a few more days exploring Hoboken and making a trip into beautiful New York City, taking in all the sights the Big Apple has to offer. Finally, Giana and her family were escorted home via limo…a great way to round off an incredible adventure and a wish come true Giana will never forget!

  • Giana in her Limo

  • Giana, her brother, and other Wish Kids in the Limo

  • Giana and her brother with Buddy

  • Giana with her cake

  • Buddy helps Giana

  • Buddy and Giana with her cake

  • Giana at the Pastry Shop

  • Giana and her brother with Buddy

  • Giana with the "Cake Boss" crew

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