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I wish to meet the creators of Transformers!


“ It was the happiest I have ever seen Gina in her entire life! ”

- Gina's Mom

Gina’s favorite book, game, and show is Transformers. Not only does she love them, but she is an artist who actually designs her own transformers.

She loves spending her time drawing and creating her own figures, and wished for a chance to see how the professionals do it.

Gina and her family were taken to the airport by Hy’s Limousine and were excited for Gina to finally see the process behind what Gina is so passionate about. After landing in Los Angeles, Gina couldn’t wait to get behind-the-scenes. Gina’s whole family got to go into the Transformers studio with voice actors from her favorite show Transformers Prime. She was even shown around by her favorite voice actor Steve Blum, the voice behind Starscream on the show.

It was amazing for Gina to see how the same creative process she does at home is done in Hollywood, and it was so cool to be able to put a voice behind the Transformers characters. Gina’s mom even said that this was the happiest she has ever seen Gina, which shows the power of a wish come true.

It was the happiest I have ever seen Gina in her entire life! ”

— Gina's Mom

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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