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I wish to meet the cast of Psych!


“ I thought it was just a meet and greet but it was so much more! ”

- Phoebe

Phoebe is a 13-year-old girl from Westport. Like most girls her age, Phoebe has a love of life, and enjoys spending her free time with friends, dancing and listening to music, watching TV and movies, and playing sports. She is an avid soccer and baseball fan – and she LOVES the Yankees.

But Phoebe has often had to put some of her favorite hobbies on hold recently. She has been diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition that has replaced her free time with friends with hospitals and medical treatments. For a 13-year-old girl, this can be absolutely devastating. But Phoebe has not let her condition get her down or define who she is. In fact, she has embraced the challenge with courage and strength – attributes her family is very proud of her for.

When Phoebe was told that she could wish for anything in the entire world, she knew what a huge opportunity this was. For Phoebe, this was not just the chance to go on an exciting vacation. It was a chance to dream of the improbable and wish for it to come true.

Phoebe has recently become a fan of the TV show Psych. From the quirky cases to the entertaining cast members, the hit show has often given Phoebe a chance to let her mind escape the realities of her treatments and enjoy some excitement and humor. So when Phoebe was asked what her one true wish would be, she wished to meet the cast of Psych!

Phoebe and her family traveled to Vancouver to visit the cast on set. But Phoebe was going to get more than just a chance to meet and greet with the actors. She and her family spent the entire day with every cast member, sat in on a few scene shoots, and got to goof around on set like they were part of the crew. The entire day was perfect. It was an experience Phoebe never dreamed would be possible – and yet there she was, hugging and laughing with some of her favorite Television stars.

For Phoebe, her wish to meet the cast of Psych was more than just an exciting adventure to meet a television star. It was a chance to leave her day-to-day battles behind her and look only at the happy memories being created in that very moment. And to share those moments and memories with her sister and her family made it that much more special. For Phoebe, this was truly a wish come true.

Wish Granted!

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